What is Solicitor Negligence?

solicitor negligence

Have you ever wondered, “What happens if a legal professional performs negligently? Can a solicitor, for example, be accused of negligence for shoddy representation that results in some kind of loss?” This question is even more confusing when you ask yourself, “Can I even find a solicitor who will represent my case against others in the legal community?”

It can naturally be source of worry and concern when considering filing a lawsuit against a person in the legal community. The good news is that the legal profession sees all as equals in the performance of their duties and all are held equally responsible. This applies to legal professionals just like anyone else.

A good solicitor will have no qualms about suing their fellows if the case calls for it. You will even find a special branch of legal specialties designed to pursue professional negligence cases against solicitors whose legal performance could be considered shoddy. The bottom line is this, just like any other profession, negligent legal work can cause losses of all kinds and clients are entitled to compensation for this.

The Solicitor Negligence Case

If you feel you have been the victim of negligence on the part of a solicitor, the first thing you will need to establish with your legal counsel is if you have a true solicitor negligence case or if you merely have a valid complaint.

This is an important question to approach from every possible angle. The first step will be to understand the legal definition of negligence when establishing grounds for legal action.

Negligence: Practice that does not meet the minimum standards of conduct established by the legal community to protect clients and others from harm. A solicitor or legal professional has behaved negligently if they have not adhered to the standards of conduct expected from a prudent individual in the same situation.

Simply put, if you believe that your legal representation has not acted in your best interests by behaving, providing advice and acting in accordance with behavior expected from any reasonably responsible profession in their line of work, and this has caused you to suffer harm or losses of any kind (most often pecuniary), then there is a good chance you have a case.

It will be important to have a consultation with your legal representation and fully-understand all aspects of the case before moving forward. During these consultations, your legal counsel will inform you of all the particulars that must factor into your decision to proceed. Failure to do so could be grounds for a solicitor negligence case.

For example, if you were to proceed, you should be aware that there may be a stipulation that will require you to pay the costs of the defendant’s legal representation, in the case that your claim is unsuccessful.

In such a case, your legal representation will be able to offer you some options that could mitigate te harshness of this responsibility. In any case your legal representation will be able to provide more information on solicitor negligence cases and your case specifically.