The Many Benefits Of Using A Speeding Solicitor

speeding solicitor

A speeding solicitor is a legal professional that understands the laws revolving around going over the speed limit. They will understand how to represent people that are first-time offenders, or those that are very close to losing their license. It is possible for them to convince the court that leniency would be the better choice to make. They can make recommendations penalties other than fixed penalty points, and can reduce the fines that you will have to pay. These are just some of the benefits associated with using a speeding solicitor. This is what you need to do to find the best motoring offense solicitors that can help you with your current citation.

What Are The Penalties For Speeding?

There are three levels of speeding that you can be cited for. This falls into the categories of Band A, B and C. Those that are speeding just slightly over the speed limit will be in Band A, and those that are 21 mph or more are in Band C. Depending upon how fast you were driving, the court will decide on how much your penalty will be, and how long you will be banned from driving. Those that exceed 12 fixed penalty points are going to likely lose their license to drive.

How Can A Speeding Solicitor Negotiate For You?

There are many ways that they can convince the courts that the charges should be dropped. For example, there are special reasons or circumstances that they will consider. If your excessive speed was the result of an emergency, they may consider lowering or eliminating the points. If they can prove that there was no signage displayed on what the speed limit was, this is also a way to reduce or remove the charges. A very clever way of eliminating speeding charges is to focus on the fallacy of speed detection devices that are commonly used by authorities. These include the VASCAR and PUMA devices that are used to calculate your rate of speed. At the very least, they will be able to recommend different penalties such as going through speed awareness courses. This is sometimes an option, although you will have to pay for these courses in order to avoid the penalties.

The Easiest Way To Get The Best Speeding Solicitor Working For You

Comparing different motoring offense solicitors is the easiest way to see which ones are the best. Testimonials on their website, and also talking with them over the phone, are the easiest ways to figure out which one you should use. If they present a scenario where they could possibly eliminate all of the points in fines, you should likely work with this law firm. In addition, if their prices are far less than all of the other solicitors that you have contacted, they might be at the top of your list for helping you with your speeding ticket.

Going over the speed limit can lead to fines and penalty points, but there are ways of eliminating them. Your speeding solicitor will present alternatives for the court, one of which they will be very happy to consider. If you have the right attorney working for you, your odds of reducing your sentencing and fines will be quite high. It always pays to hire one of these reputable law firms that can help you with your speeding offense.